Dutch teachers


There are two Dutch teachers at the Japanese School: Wanda and Sonja.

From Monday to Thursday they both teach all grades of the elementary school. .

Prior to the Japanese school Wanda and Sonja taught at various Dutch schools.


Organization of the Dutch lesson

 Every class has a thirty minute lesson twice a week.

We divide each class in two groups, a beginners group and a more advanced group.

Sonja teaches the beginners and Wanda the more advanced group.

Three times per year the children will receive a report card, just like in the Japanese class. This is the moment children may, if we think they are ready,

move from the beginners class to the more advanced.


 What do we teach?

 We concentrate on three ideas, namely: @ E the language
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ E Dutch culture

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ E meet the Dutch!


E language

There are no ready made books and materials for teaching Dutch to Japanese children. All the materials we use, we make ourselves. We try to stay informed about new teachings methods and new educational developments. After working like this for many years we have become very experienced and we have found that this experience stimulates our creativity.

Our lessons include writing, reading, listening and speaking exercises. We try to adjust our lessons to the level of the children, because their level varies every year.

 E Dutch culture

We teach about some very important Dutch childrenfs festivals: Sint Maarten, Sinterklaas , Kerstmis (Christmas), New Year. We teach the children the traditional stories, sing songs, we do art and crafts. At Christmas we visit a home for the elderly to sing Christmas carols. We make the traditional New Year's treat, goliebollenh and gappelflappenh.

We also teach about our Royal Family and celebrating our Queenfs birthday

(30 April)

E meet the Dutch!

For many years we have had an exchange program with two Dutch schools.

Grade 6 visits the Oudvaart school in Sneek. We are there for two days and the children stay for the night with a Dutch family. Of course, the Oudvaart school will come for a return visit of two days and they will have a home stay with a Japanese family.

Grade 3,4 and 5 have an exchange program with the Joseph school in Bloemendaal. With the Joseph school we have a 1 day program with various activities like sport, art and crafts, games but most of all having fun and getting to know each other and the Dutch-Japanese cultures.

When it is possible we try to support the Japanese program. When the children have activities in a Dutch environment like school camp, swimming lessons and skating lessons, we give them special lessons about each topic.