Special projects in EL
Sometimes the students take part in special projects
The Snowman
In January, all the 4th Graders take part in a project about The Snowman.

This is based on a book by Raymond Briggs. This was made into a beautiful cartoon film.

We all watch the film. Then the children learn a song called eWalking in the air`.

Music teacher, Ms Noboko Takahashi, has kindly helped us in this project by writing special music for recorder. The children also learn to sing the song in English. It always sounds very beautiful.
The project lasts for several weeks. The children work through an activity booklet. This booklet is designed for ESL students and is multi-level. This project also helps us to ensure that children are in the correct group.
The children always enjoy this project as it gives them a chance to work together and have lots of fun.